We are calling it SmartTime 5 because SmartTime has evolved right alongside the iPhone.  SmartTime 1 was the first integrated calendar ever created for the iPhone.  Since then, we have added a bevy of features:  One-tap integration with the iPhone’s Contacts List; Phone Dialing and Text messaging directly from any item, Google Map integration; Synchronization with Google calendar; and Landscape view for week and month calendars.  Now SmartTime 5 will take synchronization and calendar integration to another level: it will integrate both tasks and events directly – and automatically – with your iPhone or iPod Touch calendars.  In keeping with the proud heritage of the most unique organizer on the planet (nearly one million downloads), SmartTime 5 will completely change how you look at your calendars.

Also in the Oven, as previously reported, these will be available in June:

  • SmartPad 2.1 with automatic sync and other key new features – our leading iPad organizer just got better
  • SmartCal 3.0, all-new with the Thumb Manager for one-touch planning. See the video here.
  • SmartDay Beta – automatically available to all SmartNotes users – the first phase of our all-in-one web productivity tool that integrates with our iPhone and iPad apps
  • SmartNotes 2.0.1 – with new texting and camera features