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Seattle, Washington – SmartDay Mac, an integrated calendar and organizer designed for wide-screen Macs, iMacs and MacBooks, is now available for public beta. The app uses advanced logic to schedule tasks directly into the free time in one’s calendar, and offers easy control over task prioritization and time management. SmartDay integrates with the company’s cloud hub,, to sync with their top-selling iPad organizer, SmartPad.

Minimalist Design:
SmartDay Mac takes a minimalist approach by docking to either side of the computer desktop, allowing it to run unobtrusively next to other applications in your workflow, providing a quick and easy way to stay informed and on-task throughout the day. “Our first app, SmartTime, was on the iPhone. It now has almost a million downloads. We looked at the expansive screen real estate on the Mac and decided to design SmartDay as a companion to all of the other things you’re doing during the day,” explains Michael Jardine, the managing partner of Left Coast Logic. “Think of SmartDay as a valet – always there when you need it, discretely hidden when you don’t.”

Smart Sync to Cloud:
SmartDay Mac automatically syncs both events and reminders from iCal, but the beauty is in how it integrates them together into its own calendar. “Nobody else integrates tasks and events directly into the calendar like we do,” says co-founder James Reynolds. “SmartDay is the perfect companion to iCal because it takes the information you already have, and makes it Smart. Even better, now we have our own web-based organizer with the same innovative design. Now your integrated calendars can be connected from SmartDay on your home and office Macs to on any browser, to SmartPad – and soon to an iPhone version as well.”

Fold-out List view with GTD and projects:
The app features a fold-out list view that displays tasks either in a consolidated list with filters, auto-sorts and context tags; or by project category. Tasks in the consolidated list can be dragged up and down to change order, and are automatically divided between “Do Today” and “Do Later.” One of the most useful filters is called “GTDo” and is based on the GTD philosophy of “Getting Things Done.” It shows only the top task from each project, combined into one view. When the user marks a GTDo task as ‘done’, the next task from that project automatically flows into the view – and on into the Calendar. A project feature tracks % complete for each project category.

Intuitive drag and drop:
SmartDay offers intuitive drag and drop to and from its components. For example, dragging an event from the day calendar up into the mini month navigator changes its date. Dragging a task from the list into the mini month calendar assigns a new deadline. New events can be created directly in the calendar by clicking on the time line. A task in today’s calendar can even be assigned to a specific time by dragging it onto the time line.

Free Beta:
SmartDay Mac is available free for public beta and runs on any Mac with OS X 10.7 or above. Access to is free to users of SmartDay Mac, SmartPad, or SmartNotes.

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iOS 5.0 or later
* 15.9 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Smart Pad w/Cloud Sync 2.2 is $19.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.


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