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According to the dictionary, a “scrapbook” is a book of blank pages for sticking clippings, drawings, or pictures in. Is that how you have kept your memories of vacations, special events, and such with paper and paste? There is now a better way with your iPad to do this and so much more.

From Left Coast Logic comes an innovative new called ScrapBook. It is a new way to tell your story in an easy and simple way. You can create flip books with photos, voice attachments, interactive maps, detailed notes and even to do lists with alerts. Whether you want to show an adventure you’ve been on, or plan the next one, this is the app to help you organize, create, and relate, in portrait or landscape mode.

ScrapBook encourages you to create multiple books, resize items with your fingertips, mix notes/journals/photos/voice/maps, drag&drop to place items anywhere on any page, create and present in portrait or portfolio mode, tap any map to interact with Google Maps, make ScrapBooks to commemorate your vacations, trips or your plans for the next one . . . make ScrapBooks to store and build your ideas, and to present your ideas to others.
If that’s not enough, the Notes in Scrapbook are the same as those in their award-winning app SmartNotes which rose to #1 in the business category last year. Each SmartNote has features to attach multiple photos and voice notes of any length, plus To-Do’s with pop-up alerts . . . its even great for journaling.

Scrapbook2Within five minutes of activating this app on my iPad, I was posting notes, to-dos, photos, and voice recordings about my Easter weekend with the simple click on the “+”. Resizing and repositioning items were just a pinch and a swipe away, and adding a new page was done in a flip. Quick and effective, this is exactly how easy it should be.

To learn more, go to http://www.leftcoastlogic.com/blog/scrapbook/.  This is another fine product from the folks who also brought you SmartPad, SmartNotes, SmartPlans, SmartCal, SmartTunes and SmartTime for iOS devices.

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