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We’ve been busy updating our apps for the all-new iOS6; there are more changes in this operating  system than any other previous update so it puts huge pressure on us, especially when we are in the midst of finalizing the all-new SmartDay for iPhone. Already we have updated SmartCal for iPhone and SmartPad for iPad. This new update fixes a small problem when syncing with the iPad Calendar when it, in turn, is connected to some external calendars such as Google Calendar. In short, the new iOS6 was ‘telling’ SmartPad that those calendars were ‘read-only’ which means you could only make changes to those calendars from your iPad Calendar or from Google Calendar. Thanks go out to one of our helpful users, Owen, who brought this to our attention and who also wrote a very thoughtful and informative blog about why he prefers SmartPad to Pocket Informant.  You can read Owen’s blog here.

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