GoogleCalendarIt’s easy to sync SmartDay Mac with Google Calendar, just set up your individual Google calendars in iCal, as CalDav calendars. Note you do not want to use the ”delegates” method.  You need to set up each Google calendar as a separate “account.”  Here’s how:

  1. Get the address of your  Google calendar account. It will probably look like this:
  2. Get the address of the first Google calendar that you wish to link to iCal.  In Google calendar, go to “My Calendars” on the left side, select “Settings”, select the Calendar name to see its detail,  then scroll down to the bottom. You will see the address shown like this:
  3. Replace the bold text in (1) above, with the address in (2).  It should look like this:
  4. Go to iCal -> Settings and set up a new CalDav account as shown here.  Input your Google calendar user name and address. In the server field, paste the address from (3) above. You will see the name of the Calendar appear immediately in the drop-down calendar list on the left side of  iCal. [Note: the FIRST google calendar that you create will ALWAYS be named “Google.” Don’t ask us, we didn’t write their code!]
  5. Done!  Now repeat that for each Google calendar that you wish to add.
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