Last year we detailed how to connect your Google Calendars to SmartDay, one by one, using the CalDAV settings of Calendar on your Mac (formerly known as iCal).

Now it appears as if the process has become automated. All you need to do is connect your Google account to Calendar on your Mac (formerly known as iCal) as shown  below, and ALL of your Google calendars will automatically show up on Calendar.  Because SmartDay for Mac OSX automatically syncs with your Calendar on your Mac, presto – you see them all on SmartDay.  Here’s how you do it, in two steps:


1) With “Calendar” open on your Mac, go to Calendar -> Preferences -> Accounts (or just press Command + “,”), and click Add (+).

Calendaer -> Settings


2) Select CalDav as the account type, input your Google user name (which is your gmail address) and password, and for server address use this:[User Name]/user

In the example below, you can see that my Google user  name is [email protected], and so my server address is[email protected]/user .

 Add a CalDAV account


That’s it!  Give the Calendars a few moments to refresh, and presto – they will all appear in SmartDay for Mac.  And here’s a sneak preview how they will look on the all new SmartDay 3.0, with Week and Month calendars, and the new Planner Pro feature!  Click to see full-screen.

Google ChromeScreenSnapz098