SmartDay selected as “Best New App” on both App Store and Mac App Store!

On Monday we released the all-new SmartDay for iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS X.  On Tuesday, it was selected as “Best New  App” in each of those categories.  SmartDay  is an integrated calendar, journal, task manager, and project planner for iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers that automatically schedules pending tasks into the free time in your calendar and updates them adaptively as situations change.

Special Offer

We are offering a rebate for people who purchase both SmartDay for iPhone/iPad, and SmartDay for Mac OS X.  Details here:

SmartDay for Mac OS X

SmartDay - Best New App - Mac App Store


SmartDay for iPad

SmartDay for iPad 'Best New App' on App Store






SmartDay for iPhone

SmartDay for iPhone: "Best New App" on App Store