As you may have heard, Apple is planning to release iOS8 and OS X 10.10 “Yosemite” this fall.  We have been testing our apps with these new operating systems.  Here is a list of the critical bugs we have found. At this time, we are not sure if/when we will be able to fix them.

SmartDay for Mac OS X
– Cannot change timezone of event (Event’s detail will be closed, if user click on “>” to show timezone list, so there are no way to change timezone for event)

SmartDay for iOS
– Crash when defer a task
– [iPhone] Crash when tap on “Don’t show” of the Hint of “Task’s Action menu:”
– [iPhone] Crash when defer a task in Calendar view

– Crash when take a snapshot on iPhone (not iPad)
– Crash when tap on “Check Validity”, so can not setup Toodledo account and sync

– Crash when quick add new task
– Crash when tap on “Who” of “Title/Location”
– Crash when delete RE from detail view of RE
– Crash when sync 1-way from “SDOL to SmartPad” or “SmartPad to SDOL”
– Crash when edit info of only 1 instance of RE
– Cannot sync event which was created in SmartPad to google calendar

Sometimes crash when do any action, cannot replicate

– Crash when tap on “Library” icon to show iPad photo
– Cannot take photo for attachment in Landscape mode
– Only show a part of Filter and Sort bar
– Cannot set “Lock Code”

– Cannot setup account on Facebook

– Sync with SmartDay Online appears to be slow