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melphd posted 1566 days ago Email integration?
I love all of your Smart apps, but I just can't live without integration of email. Most of my tasks come via email. I need to be...
30HourDay posted 2000 days ago Suggestion: Auto eMail backup
SmartCal feature of eMailing a backup (Settings>Database>Backup) is a great way to keep a backup in eMail....but can it be autom...
30HourDay posted 2148 days ago Sugestion: More space to edit a task's text
Editing the text of a task longer than about 7 words is difficult as it's on a single line and we need to keep scrolling through...
30HourDay posted 2257 days ago Crash on startup
Woopie! Great job on the SmartCal 3.2 update!The biggest thing for me is the fact that (touch wood!) so far I have been unable...
DavidD59 posted 2303 days ago I'v still got troubles !
Yes, i'll contact them. Again  Thanks.