ScrapBook 2 – with Facebook Share

Tell Your Stories

ScrapBook is a new way to tell your story – simply.  Create flip books with photos, voice attachments, interactive maps, detailed notes and even to do’s with alerts.  Show an adventure you’ve been on, or plan the next one.  Organize, create, and relate – in portrait or in landscape.

“It’s simplicity is what makes this app so appealing.” – Tony Hannides,

“Within five minutes of activating this app on my iPad, I was posting notes, to-dos, photos, and voice recordings about my Easter weekend. Quick and effective, this is exactly how easy it should be.” –  Tom Piper, AppleJAC

“ScrapBook is a tool for creating, showing, sharing and planning. More than just a photo book, the app integrates with live maps and voice recordings.” – Laura Dobbins,

“I used this app to build a scrapbook for an upcoming family event. I can’t wait to add more to it!” – Nancy Jones,

“The best way for capturing my thoughts and ideas all day long.” – App Store Review

Simple Guide with Video Clips

View the Demo Video:

Here’s what you can do with ScrapBook

✓Create multiple books
✓Resize items with your fingertips
✓Mix notes, journals, photos, voice and maps
✓Drag and drop to place items anywhere on any page
✓Create and present in portrait or portfolio mode
✓Tap any map to interact with Google Maps
✓Make ScrapBooks to commemorate your vacations, trips or your plans for the next one
✓Make ScrapBooks to store and build your ideas
✓Make ScrapBooks to present your ideas to others

ScrapBook features SmartNotes

The Notes in Scrapbook are the same as those in our award-winning app SmartNotes which rose to #1 in the business category last year.  Each SmartNote has these features:

• Attach photos
• Attach voice notes
• Notes can have any length
• To-Do’s with pop-up alerts
• Drop multiple notes onto one page, great for journaling