Smart Notes – an Illustrated Guide

SmartNotes is an intuitive way to organize your thoughts!

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Create new Note, To-do or Folder

Organizing Your Notes

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Sharing Data

Security Lock


Finally group your notes, to-do’s, photos, voice-recording into folders – with just one app!

SmartNotes is an innovative note capturing app and to-do manager that allows you the flexibility of combining notes with to-do’s. Even more – SmartNotes allows you to attach photos or voice recordings to each note or to-do to help you organize your life. SmartNotes uses new innovative technology to allow you to group your notes into folders by dragging your notes on-top of each other to group them easily. This technology allows you to very quickly organize your thoughts into common areas. In addition, SmartNotes helps you organize your notes by tagging them to an unlimited number of projects.

Key features:

  • quickly enter free form text into a note.
  • drag group common notes onto another to create folders
  • move notes around with your finger to indicate priority
  • assign notes to unlimited projects
  • attach photos to notes
  • attach voice-recordings to notes
  • create to-do notes and checklists
  • email your notes
  • connect notes with contacts from your address book
  • insert contact info from your address-book
  • insert address info into your note
  • call from your note with attached contact
  • map your note with google maps

New in version SmartNotes 2.0:

  • Share data between SmartNotes on your iPhone and your iPad
  • Security lock for application level, Settings page and Folder level.

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Create new Note, To-do or Folder

From the main view, touch on the quick add item on the top left.  You can immediately select the note type from one of the four: Note, To-Do, Voice, or Photo.


The screen below will display:

In which:

– Type in the content of note in the box,

– Choose which kind: Note, To-do or Folder,

– Choose your project color  for the note

– Choose folder which the note will belong to (if not, the note will be at the top level).  Note: you can drag any note onto a Folder later!

– Press Done (or Down button) to create the new note.

– You can also change the note type while you are creating it, by selecting one of the buttons above the Keyboard. Note how the note will change its appearance:

To-Do type

Folder Type


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Organizing Notes

Grouping Notes

Unlike any of the other note applications for the iPhone, SmartNotes has implemented a very unique way to group notes together. We do this by making it similar to how you would also group Post-It Notes on your desk.

In SmartNotes, when you want to group notes together, you simply drag the note on top of another note. The note then automatically creates a folder – and your notes – the one you dragged as well as the one you dropped it on top of – are placed inside that folder. It’s very intuitive and simple – just like you would want it. Other actions supported for Notes grouping:

  • Move a note from desktop into a group
  • Move a note out of a group
  • Move a note from a group to another group
  • Create a new note directly into a group
  • Move an entire folder into another folder

1) Drag to Group

2) This creates a folder. Change name if you wish.

3) Double-tap to open

Change notes priority

With SmartNotes, you have many ways to organize your notes.

The intuitive design and functionality of SmartNotes allows you to organize with our tap-drag-drop technology. This is the basis of many of the SmartSuite apps by LeftCoastLogic.

You tap-drag-drop any note on top of, before, or after any other note/to-do/folder.

For to-do’s with a specific due date, a badge shows the number of days remaining until the items is due.

Sorting Notes

From the main view, tap the bottom left button for Sort menu:


You can sort by various criteria:

  • Types: Note, To-do, or Folder
  • Creation date
  • Most updated
  • Due
  • Status (done or not)
  • Sort by title



Access the bottom right button:

You can filter to see just needed notes:

  • by Title (like search)
  • by Type
  • by Context
  • by Status
  • by Project

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Details view

Double click on an item (Note or To-do). For Folders, you will need to select the folder, then choose the Edit action (bottom bar, most right button), to access to the details view of the item:

Note / To-do details view


Here in the Detail view, you can:

  • edit title
  • choose details such as location, who, action for the to-do
  • set due date (to-do only)
  • select Work / Home context
  • select project
  • attach photo / voice (or change them if already), note that some actions may be disable on certain types of devices.
  • change folder (only if there is a previously-defined older)

Folder details view


Actions are:

  • Edit folder title
  • See all the children of the folder
  • Move a child out of folder (by menu or by drag and drop)

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Actions support

Action for Note/To-do

Tap to select a note/to-do, the action menu bar will display at the bottom of the screen:

From left to right:

  • Delete the note/to-do
  • Edit note detail
  • Ungroup (only if grouped)
  • Check/uncheck
  • Attach photo/voice
  • Show actions like map/ send mail/Phone

Action for Folder

Select a folder (touch it), the action menu bar will display at the bottom of the screen:


From left to right:

  • Delete folder
  • Edit the folder title
  • Ungroup

Main menu actions

From the main view, you can:

Sort note/to-do/folder by various criteria.

Filter note/to-do/folder by various criteria.

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Touch the top left button, the SmartNotes Settings view will show as below:


in which:

– Skin: choose Skin

– Speaker: set the speaker ON/OFF for playing voice

– Project Names: change project name, add new project, delete un-used projects, change project color

– Font: Set SmartNotes font size for Note/To-do/Folder title

– Animation: set the animation speed – the further right, the faster

– Default due: the time that the badge will show for to-do’s which have due date set

– Badge: choose which information will be shown as badge for SN application in main iPhone view

– Default: Set defaults for new items

– Project: set defaults for new projects

– Set to display confirmation message for the actions: Delete, make folder, drop into a folder, remove from folder, etc.

– Set alert option

– Sync: allow setup account to sync between devices via LCL cloud server.

– Security: setup security code for Settings view, Folder access and Application access.


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Sharing Data

With new version SmartNotes 2.0. user can share SmartNotes data between devices easily via our cloud server.

– Open the Settings view, choose Sync and then enter your email address and a password to create a new account on our server.


– After that go back to main screen of SmartNotes, press on Sync button (top right). All of SmartNotes data will be synced to our server (including photo/voice attachments)


– On the 2nd device – either another iPhone with SmartNotes, or your iPad with SmartNotes – you can open Settings, enter the email/pass (same as before), and sync data to the device.

Note: The 1st time sync to upload data to server will take longer time as SmartNotes needs time map and to transfer all data, for the next sync it will be much faster.

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Security Lock

This function allows you to set the lock code, which has many uses:

  • Lock/Open the application
  • Lock/Open the Settings page in SmartNotes
  • Lock/Open any folder to see details inside

You can open SN settings view, enter the lock code, then choose which action will apply for the lock:


After the lock is saved and with Application/Folder/Settings checked, you need to enter the lock code for SmartNotes to work:


Note: currently we do not support password recovery method for the lock code, so you will need to re-install the SmartNotes in case lost the pass. And you can sync data back from server to the new SmartNotes (if you have synced SmartNotes data to server before).

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