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Smart Pad w/Cloud Sync

Calendars, Tasks, Projects, Lists, and Notes – all in one view. And now connected to (beta)

Smart. Connected. Friendly. Noteable. Informed.

SmartPad organizes your calendar events, projects, tasks and notes all in one view. It’s like no other organizer because it schedules your tasks into the free time between your appointments.  And now it’s connected to our new browser-based organizer, – so you can organize anywhere, home or office, Mac or PC. Then take it with you on your iPad. ★★★★ “Smart Pad stands out among calendar apps because its power lies in its flexibility and in the level of detail…allowing users to easily switch between day and month views, or side-by-side views of a day’s schedule along with a list of tasks, notes, projects, or a history of completed tasks.” – MacWorld (4 mice)

SMART- Sort, organize, and filter your tasks at the tap of a finger. The ‘Day Manager’ feature lets you choose how long you want to work – then shows you exactly which tasks you can get done, in-between your appointments.

CONNECTED – View and edit all of your iPad Calendars directly in SmartPad.  Import tasks from Toodledo. And now, connect directly to our browser-based organizer, mySmartDay.  Stay organized anywhere and everywhere.  This service comes free with SmartPad.

FRIENDLY – View the calendar by Day, Week or Month. Tap any day in the Month calendar to pop out a full Day Calendar.  Select to view Tasks, Notes, or Projects side by side with your Calendar. Even your shopping list.

NOTEABLE – Each day has a Notepad next to it. Make notes on any day. Highlight words to automatically create linked follow-ups, to-do’s or appointments. *SmartPad’s “Notes” do not sync to, but SmartNotes does.  This will be a feature of an upcoming version.

INFORMED – Tap on the built-in timer to record the actual time spent on any of your tasks or meetings – including phone calls. Export reports to Excel.

KEY FEATURES ★  Unique portrait and landscape perspectives ★ Tasks are automatically integrated into your calendar.  They even fit and split around your appointments. ★  The Tasks list allows complete control over prioritizing.  Just drag tasks up and down. ★  Create simple lists for shopping, packing, reminders, or ‘notes to self’. ★  Sort and filter tasks by Start, Deadline, Project, GTD-style ‘Star’, or just drag and drop to sort. ★  View a summary of all tasks/events/follow-ups created from any Note.  View a summary of all notes associated with any task or event. ★  Record the actual time of any action. Export a report to Excel. ★  Backup your entire database via Email. ★  Supports repeating events, and repeating tasks. ★  Easy to use “bouncing ball” date navigator ★  Create multiple calendars and color them with different colors. ★  History view shows all items that have been completed.

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