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SmartPlans 3.0

Don’t Just Multi-task. Multi Plan.


Recently ranked #21 among all business apps on the app store - the top 0.1% !

The best selling personal Project, Task, and Time Manager for iPad and iPhone just got better.  Create any kind of task list from simple to structured, from sequential to dependent, with multiple sub-projects all linked to your critical path. Use the multi-timer to keep track of the time you spend on individual tasks and calls; export a record to Excel. Best of all, you can manage multiple plans in the context of your weekly workload and – even better – export your Project tasks and milestones directly into your iPhone or iPad calendar. Great for sharing what you’re doing. Great for integrating into our all-in-one organizers, SmartPad for iPad and SmartCal for iPhone.  SmartPlans is universal; it runs on both iPad and iPhone, as well as your iPod touch.





How it works:

✓Create a project.
✓Fill it with tasks. Add more at any time.
✓Drag and drop to group tasks into Milestones, with alerts and deadlines.
✓Flip your iPhone or iPad sideways to manage multiple projects from the Gantt view.
✓Also in Gantt view, keep track of your work balance in the handy stacked-bar overlay
✓View your Milestones and Tasks directly in your iPhone or iPad’s Calendar app.
✓Now sync Calendar with any of our productivity apps — SmartCal (iPhone), SmartPad (iPad) and SmartDay (Mac) — and they will automatically schedule in your other tasks into your current day, taking into consideration your SmartPlans projects and your other appointments.
✓There. Now you have everything from the forest to the trees. Even acorns.

New in SmartPlans 3.0

  • Cascading Gantt view shows project detail (milestones, tasks)
  • Milestones with critical path and deadline alerts
  • Dependencies: link any project to another project’s milestone
  • Sync milestones and tasks to the Calendar app

Key Features in SmartPlans 3.0

  • Create simple task lists as Free-style projects
  • Group tasks and sub-tasks
  • Create critical path projects with Milestones
  • Milestones automatically have deadlines and pop-up alerts
  • Link any Project to a Milestone from another Project
  • Simple graph shows progress against plan, for each Project
  • Gantt chart shows work balance of all Projects, drag/move/resize to manage
  • Link up to 6 Contexts to your Projects to monitor your life balance goals
  • Timer keeps audit record of all tasks, calls.  Great for customer billing.
  • Export reports to CSV/Excel
  • Synchronize Milestones to Calendar as All-Day Events
  • Synchronize Tasks to Calendar as Recurring Events
  • Optionally, sync tasks with Toodledo