Key Features of SmartPlans 3.0


Flexible Planning

Freestyle or Structured

  • Build simple task lists, or
  • Create “critical path” style Projects, and
  • Drag Tasks onto each other to create Milestones with deadlines and alerts.
  • Tasks list nested inside Milestones – just drag a task onto another to create a Milestone with deadlines and alerts.
  • Two types of Projects- Free Style (simple task list or check list)- Structured Project (with critical path hierarchies, targets, reporting).

Manage Multiple Plans

With the interactive Gantt View
  • Cascading detail allows you to see only what you want.
  • Plan list acts as a navigator; tap to bring the Gantt into focus.
  • Drill down into the Milestone view.
  • Work Balance helps manage multiple plans within your work guidelines.
  • Drag the end of a Plan to re-size it; this increases or decreases your work load.
  • Links: Create dependencies by linking one Project to the Milestone of another (this converts the linked project into a sub-project).

Integrate with your Calendars

  • Choose the level of detail you want to see in your iPhone or iPad Calendar:
  • Milestones are shown in the “All Day Events” pane
  • Tasks are shown as “appointments” in the default time that you specify for each Project
  • Use your iPhone or iPad Calendar to share with others in Outlook, Google, etc.
  • Use your iPhone Calendar to integrate into SmartCal
  • Use your iPad Calendar to integrate into SmartPad


Manage Your Time

  • Use the Timer to record the time you spend on tasks.
  • Activate the Timer anywhere, anytime. Even time multiple tasks.
  • Export timer redords to Excel for billing and auditing.
  • Timer automatically monitors your Contexts.
  • Assign up to 6 Contexts for monitoring. We include the basic “Life Balance” goals of Work, Family, Spouse, Self, Social and Community.