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SmartTime is an organizer that finds time to get everything done. It was the first integrated calendar designed specifically for iPhone, and now has over 1 million downloads. Apple rated it “What’s Hot” on the iTunes App Store.

SmartTime automatically schedules your tasks into the free time between your appointments.  It organizes everything in a linear, integrated view, so you can see how everything fits, every day of the week.  Download SmartTime and organize your life, now.

“With over one million downloads to date, we are proud that SmartTime has grown along with the iPhone. Each time Apple releases new improvements to their iOS, we will continue to match them with features in SmartTime.”

Michael Jardine, Left Coast Logic


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Smart View

This is what makes SmartTime so unique: SmartTime uses adaptive logic to place tasks into the free time between appointments, and considers contexts such as location (home or office) and days (weekdays or weekend).  It then presents them in the unique “Smart” view, a scrollable list of appointments and tasks.  Tasks can be prioritized by simply dragging them up and down the list with your finger.

Focus View

SmartTime also features a unique ‘Focus’ view that shows only what you need to see for today: what you need to do, and what you have accomplished so far.


Calendar Views

The same integrated information is also displayed in a standard Day Calendar. Sync both tasks and events to your iPhone Calendar – an iPhone first!


Landscape Views

Flip the iPhone sideways to view a landscape week calendar (the first ever for iPhone!) and a month planner with pop-out day calendar.


Total iPhone Integration

SmartTime features flexible integration with the core iPhone apps:  Contacts, Phone, Messages, Maps, Email, Calendar, and – new in SmartTime6 – Reminders.



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