SmartDay for Mac OS XSmartDay – Frequently Asked Questions

My Future tasks are showing up Today. Why?

The short of it is, SmartDay schedules tasks into the free time in your Calendar based upon the sort order in your Task list. So if a future task is showing up today, that’s just because you have time to do it today!  There are ways to assign a task to a specific date, however. See this blog post.


How do I hard-close SmartDay if it gets stuck?

This happens very rarely but can sometimes occur when syncing with iCal if it contains incompatible data. To force SmartDay to close, just open your Activity Monitor (use Spotlight to find it), then search for SmartDay and select ‘Stop’. You can also download the SmartDay Helper app to automate this for you, and to send any crash logs to our Help Desk.

The right side of my calendar and task list seems to be obstructed

Go to System Preferences -> General -> Show Scroll Bars and select “When Scrolling.”

Why Are My Calendars Duplicated?

If you synchronize from an “outside” calendar such as Google or iCloud, check to see if you have that connected to more than one device that is also connected to mySmartDay – for example, your iPad (using SmartPad) and your computer (using SmartDay Mac).  Disable the external calendar from all but one device that syncs with SmartDay web, and that should remove any duplicated calendars.

Here is an article from Apple that explains why their iCloud calendars can get duplicated.

Warning: Do not delete duplicated calendars from mySmartDay!  This may delete those calendars from the source.  Instead, always delete calendars from the source only.

I'm seeing Calendars in SmartDay Mac that are not visible in iCal.

SmartDay automatically syncs with all calendars in iCal, even if they are not enabled.  Check to see if you have any other accounts such as iCloud that are either hidden, or disabled. You can either delete those calendars from iCal, or you can hide them in SmartDay Mac using the show/hide feature.

How do I sync SmartDay Mac with my Google Calendars? Is there a global keyboard shortcut so I can start SmartDay Mac from any app?

Sure. Just use Automator to create a “Launch Application” service, then go to System Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts to create a shortcut for the service.  This blog explains how.

SmartDay seems to 'hesitate' or 'freeze' when I am entering or editing a task or event.

This may be related to iCal synchronization settings. In iCal, check your refresh settings in under preferences ->  accounts -> refresh calendars.   I would suggest you change the refresh rate to “every 15 min.”.

Can I sync with my iPhone or iPad?

 Sure! If you have SmartDay for iPhone/iPad installed, just log in to your free SmartDay Online account, same as SmartDay for Mac OS X.

SmartDay does not work on my computer.

This can be related to a number of things including the number of calendars that you have on iCal.  This article talks about options.