Syncing SmartDay between your Mac, iPhone, and iPad acts as a sync hub between SmartDay (Mac)  and SmartDay iPhone/iPad.   If you just sync our apps with and not with iCal on  your devices, there is no problem. But if you sync with iCal or any other external calendars via iCal (such as iCloud, Exchange, Google, CalDav, etc) then you WILL see duplicated calendars!

Why do Calendars get Duplicated?  

Because iCal on your Mac, and the “Calendar” app on your iPhone and iPad ALSO sync with each other.  So, this creates a kind of “endless loop” if you are also using our cloud service. This even happens with iCloud by itself!  Here is an article from Apple that explains the issue.

What’s the solution?

Just disable SmartDay iPhone/iPad from syncing with the iOS Calendar:

  1. Disable SmartDay from syncing with your iOS Calendar, THEN
  2. Install SmartDay for Mac.

Uh oh, I already installed SmartDay for Mac

No problem. Just follow these steps:

  1. In SmartDay iOS, backup your database to email, then
  2. Disable SmartDay iOS from syncing with your iOS Calendar.
  3. In SmartDay, backup your database to your hard drive, then
  4. Delete any duplicated Categories. Make sure both categories contain the same data. If one of the duplicated Categories is just empty, go ahead and delete that one.
  5. Check iCal to see that the Categories you deleted in SmartDay also deleted the same calendars in iCal.
  6. If there are any problems at this point, you can restore your SmartDay database and it should recover the same data back into iCal.
  7. If all is fine in iCal and SmartDay, go ahead and perform a one-way sync from SmartDay to
  8. Open SmartDay for iOS. Perform a one-way sync from to SmartDay for iOS.
  9. All should be fine. From this point on, you can sync two-ways between SmartDay for iOS and, between and SmartDay for Mac OS X, and between SmartDay for Mac and iCal on you Mac – but NOT between SmartDay iOS and the iOS Calendar!