Before you start, please read ALL that apply to you:

  1. Synchronizing with SmartDay’s Cloud Hub,
  2. Before you sync with iCal or Reminders
  3. Sync Wizard for setting up your devices
  4. Syncing with external sources including Toodledo, Outlook, Exchange, Google, iCal and Reminders

Synchronizing with SmartDay’s Cloud Hub

Before you start, please read this!

You can synchronize all of your Tasks and Events between SmartDay for Mac OS X, SmartDay for iPhone, and SmartPad for iPad, via our cloud hub,  You can also sync the new Notes feature between SmartDay for Mac OS X and SmartDay for iPhone (but not with SmartPad – this feature will be available in an upcoming version).

There are several advantages to using as your cloud-based sync hub:

  1. You can connect multiple versions of SmartDay on more than one Mac, iPad or iPhone. Great for keeping your data sync’d between office, home, and school.
  2. Your Events, Tasks and Notes are all kept together, including all links and all sort orders.
  3. You can use mySmartDay on any browser, including PC.  It has the same functionality as SmartDay on Mac, iPhone and iPad (SmartPad).
To connect your devices (SmartDay for Mac or iPhone, and SmartPad) to, just set up an account and password from within “Settings” on any of those apps. Once you have set up your free account, log in from “Settings” in the other apps.  Before you sync: if you use iCal, or any other external calendars, or if you connect your devices using iCloud or iTunes, then please keep reading.

About iCal

Apple’s Calendar app (“iCal” on OS X 10.7, “Calendar” on OS X 10.8 and on iOS) allows you to have different calendars AND reminders categories with the same name. For example, you might see the Office calendar in “On My Mac” and you might see another Office calendar on “Exchange” or “Reminders.”  SmartDay does not allow Projects (calendars) to have the same name, and will automatically append “_1” to any duplicated names. You can edit these after you see them (do not delete them; they are not duplicates!).  However we strongly urge you to first change any duplicated names in iCal/Calendar before you sync.

Note: If you create a Project in SmartDay then sync it TO iCal, it will automatically create matching a matching Calendar and Reminder with the same name. In other words, it works fine if you ‘start’ from SmartDay.

If you also want to connect data with your external calendars such as iCal, Outlook, Google, and Exchange, we provide ways to do that. They are summarized below.  In general, you should only connect external calendars to ONE device that has SmartDay on it. If you connect those external calendars to more than one device, you may create a “sync loop” because you are using more than one sync hub (i.e. iCloud +  To check for issues, just walk through our Sync Wizard:

Sync Wizard

Use this easy wizard to guide you through setting up to sync SmartDay on your various devices.

Do you currently share your iCal data across your various devices such as iPhone, iPad and Mac?  (Sync’d using iCloud, or iTunes).

Syncing with External Sources

Tasks can be sync’d with Toodledo and Apple’s Reminders. Events can be sync’d with Apple’s iCal and BusyCal.  Additionally, any external calendars such as Google or Exchange that you can sync to iCal, can also be viewed by SmartDay.


  • Toodledo is a free, web-based task list.
  • Toodledo Sync is only available on SmartDay for iPhone and SmartPad.
  • Many other task lists, including Outlook tasks, can sync to Toodledo. In that way, you can use Toodledo as a conduit to connect to tasks on SmartDay.
  • You may experience some inconsistencies with the way that data is presented on  Toodledo, however sync is non-destructive.


  • Reminders sync is available on SmartDay for Mac OS X.
  • Reminders sync is automatic.
  • In OS X 10.7x, you can find them in the “Reminders” section of iCal.
  • In OS X 10.8x, you can find them in the “Reminders” app.
  • On SmartDay for Mac OS X, tasks that appear in the “iCal Events” Project category will NOT sync across to Reminders.
  • On SmartDay for Mac OS X, events that apear in the “iCal Reminders  Project category will NOT sync across to the iCal calendar.


  • This is called “Calendar” in Mac OS X 10.8 and above.  We will call it “iCal” here for reference.
  • SmartDay for Mac automatically syncs with iCal.
  • You can also sync SmartDay for iPhone, or SmartPad for iPad, with the Calendar app on those devices, but we suggest you only sync with ONE instance on ONE device. So if you have SmartDay for Mac OS X, we suggest you disable sync between SmartDay for iPhone and the iPhone Calendar; and between SmartPad for iPad and the iP
    ad Calendar.

External Calendars

  • Any external calendars that you can connect to iCal, can be viewed on SmartDay. These include BusyCal, Fantastical, Google, and Outlook.
  • If that external calendar is read-only (for example, a shared Exchange calendar or a Google National Holidays calendar), you will not be able to make any changes to it from any of our SmartDay apps.

Known Sync Bugs

SmartDay Mac

When “Auto Sync” is set to ‘On’ on SmartDay, some data cannot be updated after syncing to Calendar on your Mac. Here are the steps for this issue:

  • Set Auto Sync to ‘On’
  • Create an Event on your Mac’s Calendar (iCal) called ‘Test’
  • This will sync automatically to SmartDay for Mac and then, automatically, to
  • Now, in your Mac’s Calendar, change the name to ‘Test-Edit’.
  • After automatic syncing, the name will revert to ‘Test’.
This can be fixed by closing SmartDay and re-starting it.

Questions? Chat with us live or, if we’re not in, drop a note to our help desk: [email protected]. We’ll respond within 12~24 hours.