We can support you in many ways.  During the daytime, you can chat with us live. If we’re not there, just leave a message; it will create a ticket in our Help Desk system and we’ll respond within 24 hours. Or just drop us a note to [email protected].

Here on our web site, we also have a bevy of useful tools.  Try the “Search” box on the top right of any page. Or click on the “Articles” menu to browse or search more than 100 articles on productivity in general, or our apps in specific.

Each of our apps has a detailed user guide; some are in video, others are in text. We are in the process of updating these and will soon have an interactive version that you can download to your iPad from iBooks.  You can view the user guides from each of the product pages, but here are some quick links directly to them, for your convenience.

SmartDay for Mac – Video Guide

SmartDay for Mac – Illustrated Guide

SmartDay for iPhone – User Guide

SmartPad 3 for iPad – Detailed Guide

SmartPlans 3.0 for iPhone & iPad – Guide with Video

SmartNotes for iPhone & iPad – Illustrated Guide

SmartTime for iPhone with iCal Sync – Quick Guide

SmartTime Detailed Guide in PDF, for download

For Synchronizing between your SmartDay apps, please read our Sync Guide.


We also have forums for discussion and ideas.  Just click here.