To get started, just create a new ScrapBook.

  • Tap on “+” to create a new book.
  • You can create a Portrait, or a Landscape book.
  • You will then find yourself on the Title Page. Type in a Title, and any kind of description.  Add a photo to your Title page, if you want.
  • Then, add your first scrapbook page.

This video shows all of the above steps:

On your first page, you can add Photos, Maps, Notes or To-Do’s.  Notes and To-Do’s can have voice attachments!   This video clip shows me adding my first note.  Your note can be any length – great for planning!

Mix and match Notes, Photos, Maps, and more

  • Add new pages simply by tapping the “+” button.
  • Navigate through your book by tapping the “navigate” button.
  • Move pages around in the Navigate window.

Scroll to navigate, drag/drop to re-arrange

  • Watch a slide show of your photos and maps, just tap on the “play” button.
  • Share any page via email. Just tap the “mail” button.

Share pages via Email

Viewing multiple Pages

  • You can view Portrait books two-pages at a time. Just flip your iPad sideways to landscape mode.
  • You can view Landscape books two-pages at at time. Just flip your iPad from landscape to portrait.

Viewing multiple pages