Getting Connected to mySmartDay

SmartPad w/Cloud Sync connects directly with our browser-based organizer,  Now you can enjoy the features of SmartPad directly on your browser – on any Mac or PC, at work or at home. Free.

SmartPad syncs all of your tasks, events, and project categories directly with mySmartDay. It even syncs your category colors, and the sort order of your task lists.

To get connected, just go to your SmartPad Settings and create a free mySmartDay account.  (Note: if you already have an account from SmartNotes, there is no need to create a new one. Just sign in with your SmartNotes account.)

After verifying your account, you’re connected. You’ll never have to set anything up again.  No mapping, no fiddling, no choosing calendars.

From the settings menu, you can also select “Auto Sync”. This synchronizes with mySmartDay each and every time you make a change in SmartPad.  With Auto Sync, everything is done for you.  That’s it. No more instructions.  But we’ll be happy to answer a few questions:

Is mySmartDay stable?

It works for us.  But it is still in beta. So to be safe, be sure to back up your SmartPad data frequently. Just tap on the action menu from any view, and select “Backup.” This encrypts, then embeds, your entire database into an email.  Send it to yourself, or keep it somewhere safe. Tap on the link to restore.

Can I sync my notes?


Can I sync with my outside calendars and task lists?

Sure!  Any calendars that you can view in your iPad calendar, you can also import to  SmartPad.  And any tasks or reminders that you can view in Toodledo, you can import to SmartPad. In Settings, just select “Others” then set up your iPad Calendar sync (for events) and your Toodledo sync (for tasks).

Tips for syncing with outside sources

  • We suggest that you simply import your data from outside sources, then set up sync with mySmartDay. You can always perform another sync with those same sources later, to keep those outside sources up to date.
  • To sync with your iPad calendar, you will need to first set up the calendar group “From My Mac” or “On My iPad”. If this does not appear in the “Calendars” list of your iPad Calendar, then please read this blog about working with iOS5 calendars.

More on syncing with outside sources