Like all of our Smart Apps, SmartPlans takes advantage of intuitive finger gestures as well as the accelerometer on the iPhone.  It’s not rocket science, it’s just the iPhone. Here are some examples.

Update: These show the original SmartPlans for iPhone. All of these features are still available in our iPhone and iPad versions. Check out the SmartPad 3.0 Guide for all of the new features!

Flip It sideways.

Move intuitively from the main Project Manager view to Plan Manager View.

Plan Manager is Sheer Genius

It’s the simple things that make our lives better.  The Plan Manager allows you total control over your plans for the next few weeks or months.  From this interactive Gantt view, using your fingers, you can move plans forward or backward, and you can change the completion date of a plan.  Notice how this updates the number of hours per week in the Work Balance chart on the bottom of the screen. Rescale on the fly, also!

Group Intuitively

There’s no  need to create a separate group or folder name for tasks. Just move one task on top of another and it automatically creates a sub-group within your Plan.

Timer Multitasking

Some people can do two or three things at once. I envy them.  Personally, my brain is a 286 processor. But if you are a multi-tasker, you can be timing multiple tasks and calls all at the same time.  Pause, re-start, stop, finish – all from one easy screen with sound confirmations.

Log Calls on the Fly

So you have your timer running, and someone calls you.   You don’t know who it is, but you want to start the timer.  Tap on the timer, (you can pause everything else if you wish), and the Timer automatically starts a new undefined task. Then, while you are talking (or afterward) you can enter the info about the call.  You can even use the familiar SmartTime “action icons” interface and our integration with the iPhone Contacts list to create the task name on the fly – without even using a keyboard.

Fingertip  Task Organizing

“Let your fingers do the walking.”  Who wants to rank and sort columns? That’s for the pocket-protector brigade.  Organize with your fingertips, like all of our other Smart Apps.

Move Project Plans too

You can even organize your top-level Plans in the main view: