Need Help?

You can contact us via the Live Chat icon on any page on our web site. If we’re not available, you can leave us a message and our help desk will respond within 24 hours.  Or just sent a note to [email protected].

SmartDayHelperWe’ve created a little app called “SmartDay Helper” that can help you fix some issues, or at least help us to help you.  Just download the app, unzip it, and drop it into your Applications folder.  You may need to adjust your security & privacy settings to allow the app to be used. Just go to settings -> Security & Privacy and click the “Anywhere” button shown below.  You can always uncheck that button later.

Before you use SmartDay Helper, please contact our Help Desk.

With SmartDay Helper, you can

  • Force-Quit SmartDay if it gets ‘stuck’Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 9.48.58 AM
  • Clean your database. This completely removes the database from your Mac and is handy in case your database becomes corrupted for any reason (such as, data imported from other sources).
  • Send a crash report to our technical team.  You’ll want to use this immediately after a crash.
  • Contact our HelpDesk with an issue.

We hope you won’t have to use SmartDay Helper but, if you do, here it is!