What’s New in SmartDay 3.0 for Mac OS X

SmartDay 3.0 is everything our users have been asking for, over the past year: 7-day logic, week and month calendars, time-zone support, multi-select, multiple font sizes, auto-archiving, auto-backup, and much more. See the complete list:

New Global Features

Assets List
– Link any web-site or web-based file (Google Docs, etc) to your Event, Task, or Note
– Link any Event, Task, or Note to any other Event, Task, or Note
Font Size
– Quickly re-size text with keyboard shortcuts
Auto Backup
– Automatically backs up your data for the past 5 days

New Task Management Features

– Quickly select groups of Tasks to easily mark as ‘do today’, ‘do next week’, ‘do next month’, ‘star’, and also to create links between Tasks.
Anchored Tasks
– Drag a task onto the time-line to anchor it there
New ‘Smart’ filters
– Sort by ‘long’ or ‘short’ to work on longer or shorter-term items
– Tasks marked ‘done’ appear in your calendar on the day they are marked done.
Planner Pro features (All New)

Week and Month view

These views include the Task & Notes list where and you can drag items for flexible planning

Drag a Task into the Planner pane (Day, Week or Month
– This will create a deadline for the task
Drag a Task directly onto the Timeline (Day or Week
– This will anchor the task to that date and time
Drag a Note into the Planner pane (day, week or month)
– This will associate the note with that date
Drag a calendar item in the timeline
– Do this to change dates, times, and durations easily
View everything in the Planner pane (day, week, month)
– All-day events, events, due tasks, notes, and completed tasks

New Calendar features

Transparent calendars
– Lets you see, but don’t get in the way
– Great for shared calendars
Time-Zone support
– Create meetings in specific time-zones, or
– Allows floating appointments
Multi-month planner in week & month views
– Shows up to 4 months in advance
– Use it to quickly navigate to a day, week or month in the future
– Shows all-day events by project color
– Shows busy days for all months, with a tinted ‘heat map’

New Notes features

New filters
– See notes for the currently selected day or week (use with Planner Pro)
Convert Notes into Tasks
– Easily convert a note into a task. Great for taking ideas and getting them done.

SmartShare features
– View shared projects and assigned tasks from SmartDay Premium (free public beta)