Do you currently share your iCal data across your various devices such as iPhone, iPad and Mac?

A: No

Great! You can sync directly with   A few tips:

  • Avoid duplicated Calendars: Check to make sure you do not have any iCal calendars (or Reminders) that have the same name. If so, please change them so that all names are unique. Otherwise, SmartDay will automatically append a “_1” to create a unique name for each.
  • Avoid duplicated data inside your Calendars: It’s fine to sync external data such as Toodledo tasks, or iCal events, or Reminders, from ONE of your devices. Issues of duplication usually only occur if you create a sync loop by connecting data across multiple devices using more than one sync hub (i.e. iCloud + You can usually fix this by tapping the “delete suspected duplicates” button in SmartDay Settings.
  • If you later decide to connect iCal on your various devices using iCloud or iTunes, be sure to check the calendar names before you sync with our Smart apps*, otherwise you may experience duplicated Project names such as “Work”, “Work_1”, etc.