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It’s finally here – just in time for the holiday season. Just in time for planning next year’s projects. SmartDay is the smartest, most flexible organizer anywhere.   It provides one-touch integration of Appointments, Tasks, Notes, and Projects all in one view that gives you complete control – and understanding – of everything you’ve got going on today, tomorrow, and in the future.  SmartDay keeps you connected to our other SmartDay products on your Macs, iPads and on the Web.

So Smart, It Organizes For You

Create a list of tasks.  We provide Smart filters to prioritize them in different, efficient ways. SmartDay then automatically schedules your tasks into the free time between your calendar appointments.  Notes and check-lists can be attached to any calendar item; just tap to view or tap to create a new one.

So Easy, No Keyboard Required

Sure, you can use your keyboard, but why? We offer these alternatives:

  • Choose a Contact from your Address Book.  Event or Task created, automatically.
  • Our one-tap “actions” create your events for you. Meet, Discuss, Go. Now.
  • Dictate your notes. Connect them to any item (Requires iPhone 4s and above).
  • Drag and drop to organize.

Tasks, Notes, and Events – all Integrated into One View

Looks like a calendar, but…

  • Appointments are on the left, and
  • Tasks are on the right (automatically scheduled for you).
  • Tap any item to preview attached notes or check-lists.
  • Tap the date to drop down the Mini Month Calendar.
  • “Transparent” option for shared calendars.
  • Drag and drop to organize.


SmartDay synchronizes with our free cloud-based organizer, Now you can organize and view on any web-browser.  Even a PC!  Stay connected with:

* If you use iCloud or iTunes to sync your devices, read our Sync Guide first.

Learn more about this amazing new productivity tool.

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